Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paint With Me Update


After a few hours of messing with various settings, and most importantly, picking a good live streaming host, I believe I am ready for a test run of this garbitch. Everything is working just fine now!

I'll run the test cast at, um, let's say, 4 pm Eastern on Sunday the 27. It'll go for about an hour and a half. I will be painting my Deff Skullz and showing people the wash technique I learned recently to get kick-ass skin effects!

I am sorry if this inconvenienced the two of you who said you wanted to watch.

I have gotten a few different ways of contacting people. Just send me your email at, and an hour before the show I will email everyone to give ya'll a heads up.

I will post the link to my cast on both my blog here, and in my notification email, an hour before the show, so let's say at around 3 pm Eastern. I will be turning the cam on around 3pm Eastern as well.

Add me on AIM for more details, and to shoot the shit. BuFFoTheArtClown

See ya Sunday! Peace!