Saturday, April 25, 2009

Imperial Guard Psyker Power Rocks!

After testing my various army builds over the past few weeks against some friends, I have come to the conclusion that the Imperial Psyker Battle Squad is the single, most powerful unit in the IG army by far.

Here are some things I have done with the Psyker Squad so far, in no particular order;

1) WR + DP = Turn 1, 15 strong Necron Warrior unit with Lord forced off the board.
2) WR + NS = Turn 4, Callidus kills 8 Plague Marines, and finishes off the rest in close combat, taking a super tough unit off an objective
3) WR + NS = Necron Lord and Immortals Deep Strike near my lines. Next turn, Callidus shows up, and all but 1 Immortal and Lord killed. Perma-fall back.
4) WR + NS = Callidus kills 7 Nob Bikers, forces fall back off table.
5) WR + Shooting = Forcing a Morale Check from shooting usually means death to a unit
6) WR + Pur = Guaranteed way of dropping an IC's LD to 3 for entire game. Worked great on Marine Commander after Callidus killed entire retinue with Neural Shredder.
7) WR + DP = Got a 20 something strong Kroot unit out of a forest and off object, securing the win for me.

WR = Weaken Resolve
DP = Divine Pronouncement
NS = Neural Shredder
Pur = Purgatus

When I use these combinations the games are pretty much not fun for me, and especially my opponent. But I can imagine the Tournament fun you can run with these guys.

So far, the most potent base for a Psyker Army I have come across consists of;

1 Inquisitor Lord w/ DP and random Retinue
1 Callidus Assassin
10 Psyker Battle Squad (with or without Chimera. I use a Chimera for protection)
10 Psyker Battle Squad (with or without Chimera. I use a Chimera for protection)

What else can you come up with?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Website coming along...

Listen up skraggers,

Work on my website is nearly done. It will be bare bones at first, but will eventually, over time, evolve into my full fledged studio location.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1500 Imperial Guard Psyker Army

Sup Skrags,

My first post is going to be a work in progress list fer my Imperial Guard army.

This army uses Ally Rules from the Witch Hunter's Codex, and uses some potent Psykers from both books for a themed army based around powerful Psykers.

Head Quarters

Primaris Psyker - Join him to one of the Psyker Battle Squads or the Inquisitor in Land Raider for added Nightshroud protection!

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord
Psychic Hood, Psyocculum, Auspex, Psi-Tracker
Familiar x 2
Devine Pronouncement - After a Psyker Squad drops a units leadership, hit the unit with this to make them essentially auto fall back.
Purgatus - Want to insta kill an independant character? Drop it's leadership to 3, and hit him with the Neural Shredder.
Word of the Emperor - Always good to defend yourself against enemy units.

Land Raider - After a Psyker Squad drops a units leadership, Tank Shock all game long!
Smoke Launcher


Psyker Battle Squad (10) - Drop either pie plates of death or leaderships down to nothing.

Psyker Battle Squad (10) - Drop either pie plates of death or leaderships down to nothing.

Callidus Temple Assassin - Neural Shredder is great for insta-killing leadership dropped multi-wound units and ICs. Great for Ork Biker Nobs!


Platoon Command Squad
Sniper Rifles x 3 - Pin those LD 2 units!

Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Platoon Command Squad
Sniper Rifles x 3 - Pin those LD 2 units!

Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Fast Attack

Sentinel w/ Lascannon
Sentinel w/ Lascannon
Sentinel w/ Lascannon

With the ability to take Allies from both Demonhunters and Witch Hunters, making this list was very fun, and the possibilities are endless!!! I made, like, five lists, but decided to mess with this one at my local gaming store.

The Army is a gimmick army, and its for a fun time, but, it can be pretty deadly given the right situation.

The idea of the army is to use the Psyker Battle Squads to their full potential. Keeping them screened behind my Commissar-stubborn Infantry Blocks will give them increased survivability. Or march them behind the Land Raider.

The Primaris Psyker can join whatever unit he wishes, usually one of the Psyker Squads, and give them some Nightshroud lovin'. Or join him up with the Inquisitor to give the Land Raider Nightshroud.

Here is where the idea of the army comes into play....

By dropping the leader ship of enemy units down to a pile of crap each turn from the two Psyker Battle Squads, you are given a plethora of choices to mess with your opponent.

1) You can use your Inquisitor Lord's abilities to either make units fall back or drop an enemy Independent Character's leadership down to 3 for the whole game.

2) You can use your sniper rifles to stop enemy units from doing anything each turn if you can manage to get a wound in. Remember that each sniper shot makes the unit take a test, so multiple wounds from sniper rifles will incur multiple tests.

3) When your Callidus Assassin becomes available, using your Neural Shredder will insta-kill any unit with a dropped leadership. So if you are able to, drop that Ork Biker Nob's Leadership to 2 (or 4), hit them with the Neural Shredder, and watch the entire mob disappear in a poof! Of course this only works when the Callidus becomes available, but when she does, bye bye unit!

4) A Word In Your Ear is always a wonderful tool, and can set up an enemy tank to be blown up at the start of the game by your bevvy of Lascannons. If you can manage it, you can position an enemy unit to be first turned 'leadership-mushed + pinned'.

5) Drop a unit's Leadership then Tank Shock it all game long!

6) Heck, dropping a unit's leadership and hitting that unit with mass Lasgun fire will ensure the unit is running away in a hurry!

7) Many great ways to rape your opponent's leadership to get his units off the objectives!

So between your Psyker Battle Squad and your Inquisitor's ability to dork-down unit and independent character's leadership down to nothing, you should have no problem abusing your opponent's Leadership for fun!

I gave the Inquisitor some anti-Psyker stuff to make sure armies like Eldar will have a tough time keeping their vehicles invincible the entire game.

Remember, you can also use a Culexus Assassin instead of a Callidus. This is a bit tricky to do since he will drop your units down to leadership 7, but, if you can pull of the awesome power of 10 - 20 shots with it's Animus Speculum, you will kill almost any non-heavy vehicle unit in the game.

Just imagine... A 10 man strong Psyker Battle Squad in a Chimera, with a Culexus Assassin hiding behind the Chimera. And then BAM! Assassin jumps out and lays 10+ shots into some poor, dead unit.

Later Skrags.