Sunday, November 28, 2010

2500 Wych Cult versus Tyranids

Here is a game between my friend Colin and I. There is a card game tournament going on in the background, so sorry for the loud noises. Not much I could do anything about that.

The last time Colin and I fought, it was my Kabal list. This time, I wanted to change gears and go all Close Combat against him.

I took an entire Wych Cult list with 6 Wych Squads, 3 Bloodbride Squads, Lelith, the Duke and 3 Ravagers.

I don't have his list handy, sorry guys. Just listen to the start of the video to see what he has.

- Pre Game Information -

The mission is Infestation from the Battle Missions book. Colin is going first, so I set up to receive the attack.

The game is basically Kill Points.

Dark Eldar have 23 kill points to give up.

Tyranids have 13 kills points to give up.

I put my Ravagers out front so that their Shadowfields can stop his Gargoyles and Zoanthropes from shooting at me before I can assault them with my Wyches and Bloodbrides.

The Duke got me Pain Tokens for my Combat Drugs.

- The Game -

Next video battle report, we switch armies, and I play his Tyranids and he plays my Dark Eldar

I would like to see what you guys think will happen between us in the next match :)

(I know the resolution is low. The next video is going to be low as well, but future videos will be higher quality. This is the first time I have ever dealt with online video stuff like this, so sue me, lol.)