Monday, December 6, 2010

1000 Hellion Gangers versus Orks

I will be playing my good friend Mike and his Orks.

- Hellion Ganger List -

Baron Sarthonyx

10 Hellions
Helliarch w/ Stunclaw

10 Hellions
Helliarch w/ Stunclaw

9 Reavers w/ 3x Heat Lances

9 Reavers w/ 3x Caltrops

- Dirty 'ard Boyz -

Warboss w/ Power Claw

7 Nobs w/ Random Nobby shit like Power Claws, 'Eavy Choppas, etc...
Trukk w/ Red Paint Jearb

20 'Ard Boiz

3 Deff Koptas w/ Buzzsaw, 3x Rokkits

2 Killa Kanz w/ Grotzookas

Combat Drug rolled was Pain Token

Alrighty, lets get this mudda fugga going!!!!

Game Spoilers Bellow, read after the Video...

This is a classic example of what I like to call "Playing the List" and not the opponent.

I had made a list, adn in my mind I wanted to do certain things, regardless of the Mission type. This is a big no no. What do I mean specifically?

Knowing full well that my opponent only had a single Trukk to get to my rear lines, the best course of action would have been to blow the Trukk up with my Heat Lance toting Reavers. What did I do? I got too caught up in the Reaver's Bladevanes, and I just got all giddy at the possibility of using the Bladevanes on the 3 Deff Koptas.

This game could have easily been a win for me if I was thinking with a more level head, but, my Dark Eldar blood lust got the best of me, and oh well!

After the game, the comment came up that it was shitty to fight a tricked out Nob Squad at 1000 points. I disagreed wholeheartedly. If I would have just blown up his Trukk on his side of the table, I could have held my Objective, and on turn 5 send in a Reaver Squad to contest his. If the game went to turn 6, I could send in the other Reaver Squad to contest.

I basically rolled out the red carpet for the Nobs, let them get into my back field, and just part their shitty Trukk on my Objective.

Oh, my Hellions running off the table on turn 1 didn't help much either, lol. But thems the breaks!!

In the end, the game was very fun for my opponent, and that is all that mattered to me.

Reavers... I love these guys. They are so much fun. They are proving to be a very, VERY fragile unit for what they do, but their awesomeness far out weighs their suicidal tendencies. I liked the split between two units of Reavers, with one dealing with Anti-MECH and the other Anti-Infantry.