Sunday, October 31, 2010

1500 Cirque de Commorragh Versus Ultramarines

Another game with my friend Brian and his Ultramarines. Have at it ye' scurvy dog!

- Battle Report Notes -

1) I use Vassal to represent games I have played at my local gaming store.

2) I use Vassal as an abstract tool to represent the battle. I use no measurements in Vassal, so one turn a unit may move 6", but only move 3" next turn, but in reality the unit moved 12" total in the 'real life' game. Just remember, this is abstract, so do not get caught up in the visuals, and just enjoy the match!

3) When a Vehicle is damaged, the number of 'explosions' on the vehicle indicates the roll on the Damage Chart. If you see 4 little explosions, that means either it was a straight 4 on the Damage Chart, or maybe a 3, but with a +1 for Open Topped or Melta.

4) As the Dark Eldar player, I cannot answer questions pertaining to what my opponent was thinking when doing certain actions. I will try my best to remember what my opponent verbally tells me, but other than that, I really do not know why my opponent does what he does.

- 1500 Cirque de Commorragh -

Archon W/ Agonizer, Shadowfield

3x Haemonculi

Court of the Archon
2 Medusae
5 Ur-Ghuls
2 Lhemans
3 Sslyths

10 Kabalite Warriors W/ Blaster
10 Kabalite Warriors W/ Blaster
10 Kabalite Warriors W/ Blaster
10 Kabalite Warriors W/ Blaster

5 Beastmasters W/ Agonizer
5 Kymerae
2 Clawed Fiends
4 Razor Wings

5 Beastmasters W/ Agonizer
5 Kymerae
2 Clawed Fiends
4 Razor Wings

- 1500 Ultramarines Force -


Ironclad Dreadnought W/ Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod

5 Assault Terminators W/ 5x Thunder Hammers and Shields
Land Raider

10 Tactical Squad W/ Flamer, Missile Launcher

10 Tactical Squad W/ Flamer, Missile Launcher

5 Scouts W/ Telion

5 Vanguard Veterans /w Lightning Claw, 4x Power Weapons, Jump Packs

- Why I Took My (Dark Eldar) List -

I wanted to start an idea behind a traveling circus that the Dark Eldar use as a cover to steal the souls of children. There is a menagerie of creatures, side show freaks and attractions used to entice local towns to attend. During these shows the Dark Eldar slowly drain the patrons of their souls, leaving only empty husks to feed the various circus creatures. These circus acts also serve another, more practical purpose; to assess the defensive capabilities of a location for future raids.

I took all the freaks in the list and decided to parade them around the Battlefield. I am going to replay this list, but instead of Kabalite Warriors, I am going to include Wracks. Yeah, my anti-mech will be much weaker, but that is okay.

Enjoy the freak show!

- Pre Deployment Plan -

Charge, charge, charge!!! I really have no plan, as I have never used, basically, an entire Beast based army before.

- Mission and Deployment -

- Capture and Control. Dawn of War.

- Ultramarine won the Deployment Roll, and chose to go first.

- Both Objectives were placed out. Neither player deploys any units.

- Ultramarine infiltrates Scouts.

- Dark Eldar attempts to Steal the Initiative, but fails.

- Post Deployment Plan -

With only two objectives to take, and no Raiders, I was in for a tough time. Basic plan was to rush his objective, hold mine and see what these Dark Eldar units can do.

- Ultramarine Turn 1 -

Ironclad Drops next to the Dark Eldar's Objective.

I now mark Transports with a model on it so you can tell if there is a unt inside. Of course, I forgot to do this with the Landraider, lol. There is a Terminator Assault Squad with Chaplain riding in that thing.

Jump Pack Vanguard unit flies onto the Battlefield. All wielding power weapons. Very dangerous.

One Rhino stays behind to hold an Objective.

I think the Ultramarine forgot to move the Scouts, or maybe he didn't want to. I forget.

- Dark Eldar Turn 1 -

I'll be honest. I have no friggin clue what I am doing with these units. Running 'Nob' type squads is a new thing for me. So bare with me as I mull around the Battlefield figuring out what to do!

Each unit is marked with a single Pain Token.

The Kabalite squads move in behind my forces. I hope to be able to destroy that Ironclad before it can do any damage. One Kabalite fires his Blaster at the Dread, but misses.

Everything else moves onto the Battlefield and Runs forward. Beastmaster Squad on the left, followed by the Archon and his Court in the difficult terrain, and another Beastmaster squad to the right.

- Ultramarine Turn 2 -

Marine units drive around the Battlefield. Hoping to intercept me on my way to his Objective.

Missile launcher from a Rhino fires at my Kabalite Warriors, but scatters onto my Court, wounding a Clawed Fiend. He now has +1 Attack!

Ironclad douses a unit of Warriors with a Heavy Flamer, baking 6 of them. They do not break, and the Ironclad Assaults. The Ironclad does no wounds, and combat draws.

- Dark Eldar Turn 2 -

Not much going on here... My units move forward and Run to cover extra ground. Kabaliite Warriors spread out a bit to weaken incoming Missile fire from the Rhino.

My Archon and his Court are my bait units. I want the Ultramarine player to assault them, so I can counter Assault with my Beastmaster units and gain extra ground due to consolidation. Will he take the bait?

Close combat with Ironclad results in no casualties. Combat is a draw... again....

- Ultramarine Turn 3 -

Ultramarine units move around. Units on the left are going to defend his Objective, while units on the right are moving to take my Objective.

Landraider crashes through the ruins, and out comes a party!!!

Another Missile from the rearmost Rhino kills two more Kabalite Warriors.

The Assault Terminators, and Chaplain, disembark in such a way so that they have nearly exactly 6" to assault. This is to reduce the amount of reacting models I can have to fight against his units. Result? He destroys the Beastmaster unit as the Dark Eldar player only had a handful of non power weapon attacks back. The Beastmaster unit actually falls back, but since they have no ranged weaponry, we decide to just remove them from play since they won't be able to regroup during my next turn due to being within 6" of the Terminators.

Combat with Ironclad? What do you think? The stupid thing wiffs again, and deals no casualties. Ultramarine player is pissed, but he doesn't realize that the LONGER the Ironclad stays in combat, the LESS time I have to shoot at it to blow it up before the game ends. I am the one who is secretly pissed :(

- Dark Eldar Turn 3 -

This combat with the Ironclad is getting to be retarded. This one, stupid Imperial Robot is completely ruining my plans, as I can't even get close to my objective. Last thing I need is for the Ironclad to win combat on MY turn, and destroy another Troop choice. I can't move my Troops around the north of the terrain, as all that is going to do is introduce 24 Power Weapon attacks from the Vanguard Vet squad.

As long as my Archon and his Court are alive, my opponent cannot get close to my Troops with his Terminators and Vanguard Squad. So we are both keeping distance from each other.

Archon and Court move closer to the Terminators while Beastmaster Squad moves north towards the enemy.

3 Kabalite Warrior Squads open fire on the Terminators. The amount of Poison shots the unit suffers, and three Blaster shots, manages to kill 3 Terminators. They hold.

My Archon and Court are within 'Normal' Assault range, which is good as the Haemonculi along for the ride prevents them from 'Fleeting'. This time, only a single model makes it into combat with the last Terminator and Chaplain, and it is my Archon. Archon destroys the Chaplain, the Terminator cannot get through the Shadowfield, and the Terminator fails his Leadership test. He falls back.

For killing the Chaplain, the Arhon's unit gains a Pain Token.

Ironclad combat? YES, yet another combat where the Ironclad either misses everything or wounds on 1. Can you believe this garbage? The Emperor fraggin protects for sure!!!

- Ultramarine Turn 4 -

Assault Terminator continues to fall back, due to being within 6" of a Dark Eldar unit.

Vanguard Vets fly 12" and Run 6", trying to make it to the Objective.

Telion and his cronies keep slithering behind my lines....

The Landraider moves into 'Blocking' position, so that my job getting to my Objective becomes ten times harder. Landraider fires it's Heavy Bolters, killing a lone Warrior.

Another Missile from the Missile Factory up in the corner wounds my Beastmaster unit... I put the wound on my Clawed Fiend. It now has +2 Attacks!

Praise be Vect!!! The Ironclad FINALLY kills the Kabalite Warriors on the Ultramarine's turn! It then Consolidates a massive 1". Ultramarine player face palms.

- Dark Eldar Turn 4 -

Heamonculi split from their units so that the units can use their Fleet and Beast rules. Pain Tokens are split up accordingly.

Kabalite Warriors move into firing positions. The first Blaster fired Wrecks the Ironclad! The second Blaster shot destroys the weapon from the Drop Pod.

Beastmaster unit in the top left race across the Battlefield. Move 6", Run 6", Assault 12". The 5 million attacks Wreck the Rhino. Strength 5 hits and Rending are pretty nice!

Archon and his Court barely make it into combat. I didn't show it in this picture well enough, but I actually managed to stick a single model in Difficult Terrain somehow without noticing it. I roll double 1's to get out of Terrain, so the model is still stuck in terrain. I then roll a 6 to assault, and the unit barely makes it into combat with the Vanguard Vets.

Vanguard Vets lay into the Court with a metric ton of power weapon attacks. Wounds are spread all over the place, and I manage to only lose a single model. Two Vanguard Vets actually die from my measly 4 attacks from what I had available to attack. Archon and his Court lose combat, but hold.

- Ultramarine Turn 5 -

The lone Terminator - we'll call him "Bronson" - regroups and heads towards the Court of the Archon. I guess he must have a Death Wish... or two... or three... or four... OR FIVE!??!? How many of these damned movies exist?!?!?!

Lazy ass Scouts push a half asleep Telion into the Landraider. The giant pile of metal drives next to the Objective, and fires on some Kabalite Warriors with it's Heavy Bolter. 2 die, but the unit holds.

Heamonculi wander around aimlessly, like two blind old guys looking for their medicine.

Archon and his Court dispatch the Vanguard Vets, and gain another Pain Token. They Consolidate 6" into the Difficult Terrain.

In the top left, the last Rhino drives into terrain, and 10 Tactical Marines jump out. Mass bolter fire from both Marine units pour into the Beastmaster unit. A ton of crap dies, including 4 out of the 5 Beastmasters. The lone Beastmaster barely makes his Leadership Test and the unit holds.

- Dark Eldar Turn 5 -

Archon and his Court move to within 3" of the Objective.

Kabalite Warriors Immobilize the Landraider.

In the top left, the Beastmaster corrals his monsters into combat. 3 Marines die, and so does a Kymerae. The Ultramarines hold.

Ultramarine player rolls to end the game, and it does end!

- Battle Report Conclusion -

Dark Eldar - 0 Objectives

Ultramarines - 0 Objectives

Game is a Tie!!

- Post Game Opinions -

My gosh, this was a heck of a fun list to run!

Court of the Archon. What an interesting unit. I did not really get to use this unit to its full potential as just about every single close combat with these guys only ever resulted in using 2 or 3 models! I need to mess with these guys some more to get an accurate opinion on them.

Beastmaster. Much, much, much better than in the previous Codex. The three beasts available are just awesome. I really love this unit. It is SO much fun to use!

Kymerae. 4++ save it pretty awesome. Great for soaking up Thunder Hammer hits!

Clawed Fiends. The ability to get MORE attacks as they get hurt is pretty awesome! IU was actually getting mad when I would make my Feel No Pain rolls for them. By the time I got them into combat, they had soaked up a bunch of wounds, and were striking with a bunch of Strength 5 Attacks.

Razor Wings. I must say.... What the hell is up with this unit? Who thought of this craziness? Giant, fat flying birds with a ton of Wounds and Attacks? It is such a weird unit. I do love the amount of Rending attacks they get. Pretty awesome!

Overall, the Beastmaster unit is like an Ork Nob squad, in that you can totally mess with the wound allocation to keep the unit alive.

I will be playing this list again, but with Wracks instead of Kabalite Warriors, and maybe even a few Grotesques as well. We'll see! :)

Oh, do not bring up Harlequins please. I will not be using them in my army lists, ever. Bloodbrides make them obsolete, and I am here to play Dark Eldar, not Eldar Codex left overs. I have a small force of Harlie models, so yeah I like them just fine, just not in my Dark Eldar codex. I'll stick to their various .pdf rules thank you very much.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next time for a small Wych Cult versus Space Wolf skirmish!

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