Monday, December 6, 2010

500 Hellion Gangers versus Tau Empire

Here is a little skirmish battle between Dark Eldar and Tau with my good friend Chris

- 500 point Hellion Gangers -

Baron Sarthonyx

10 Hellions

10 Hellions

3 Reavers

- 500 point Tau Expeditionary Force -


12 Fire Warriors

4 Pathfinders

- Game Type -

- 4x4 Board

- 500 point battle for our store's campaign

- Capture and Control Mission with 3 Objectives

- Spearhead Deployment

Watch the video before scrolling down to the Spoilers....

- Post Game -

My opponent Chris is a new player. He plays maybe once every few months.

I set up the terrain in such a way that he could get good firing lanes on me. He did not take advantage of the terrain set up, but that is fine.

During the game I suggested that he just Embark the Firewarriors in the Devilfish, and zip around the board until the late game, where he could hold one objective and contest another with the Firewarriors and Devilfish. He said he had a plan, and didn't move his Devilfish on turn 1. That set the Baron up to Stun the Devilfish, basically sealing the game as he could no longer go anywhere.

As always, my opponent and I did not tailor lists, and just made whatever we thought would be appropriate.

I am having so much fun with my Hellions and Reavers that they will basically appear in a ton of future video Battle eports!

Reavers... For my post game analysis on Reavers, I will link you to this post.

Basically, my use of Reavers has changed, and this will be reflected, not in the next few games I already recorded and will put up, but in any future games I play.

See ya, peace!