Thursday, February 10, 2011

Down the road...

Some updates....

I went to the doctor yesterday, and I am now on medication for my ADHD, of which he said I most definitely have. Popped my first pill this morning, so let's see how this goes over the coming weeks.

Funny though... Last week it occured to me that I can only get painting done when I am with a group of people. I have been at my local hobby store painting all last week and this week. The reason why I say this is funny is because I found a way to use my ADHD to help me with painting, but now I am taking medication, so who knows what will happen. I just cannot stand being alone in my house painting for more than 5 minutes. Being alone drives me insane.

Also, the lighting in my room isn't right for painting. I can't explain it. My vision quickly blur and I can't judge distance from my brush to the model with my room lighting, even under my art desk lamp. Odd huh?

What am I painting? Orks!

Yes, I am getting back into my old army. Orks were never really a love of mine. I just got into them in the previous codex ( of which I thought was actually pretty good ) and made two armies; 'ard boyz and a grot mob. The new codex basically invalidated both ideas, so I sold my Orks years ago.

I am off to the store to get painting done. When I get back tonight, I'll take some pictures for all four of you who still read this shit to see.

You'll be very pleased I think :)

- EDIT 10:29 p.m. -

I am trying to take some pictures of my Orks, but the lighting in my room/house is not natural enough for my liking, so I will take the pictures tomorrow at my local hobby store.