Monday, December 20, 2010

1500 Coven versus Ultramarines

The forces of the Ultramarines meet with the devious, snake-oil Uriel and his creations on the fields of slaughter...

This is a battle that happened a few weeks back.

I know I promised a bunch of Reports today. My left hand hurts from all the typing and Vassal manipulation. I'm fat, Shit happens!

I use Vassal as an abstract tool to represent the battle. I use no measurements in Vassal, so one turn a unit may move 6", but only move 3" next turn, but in reality the unit moved 12" total in the 'real life' game. Just remember, this is abstract, so do not get caught up in the visuals, and just enjoy the match!

New Arrows are being used!

Green - Unit Movement
Red - Assault moves
Blue - Special Movement (Deep Strike, Consolidation, etc)

- 1500 Point Coven of the Budding Lotus -
Urien Rakarth

10 Grotesques w/ Liquefier Gun
Aberration w/ Flesh Gauntlet

10 Wracks w/ 2x Liquefier Guns
Raider w/ Flickerfield

10 Wracks w/ 2x Liquefier Guns
Raider w/ Flickerfield

10 Wracks w/ 2x Liquefier Guns
Raider w/ Flickerfield

Talos w/ TL Haywire Blaster and Chain Flails

Talos w/ TL Haywire Blaster and Chain Flails

Talos w/ TL Haywire Blaster and Chain Flails

- 1500 Point Ultramarines -


Ironclad Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod

5 Assault Terminators
Land Raider

10 Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher and Flamer

10 Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher and Flamer

5 Scouts

5 Vanguard Veterans w/ Jump Packs, Lightning Claws, Power Weapons

- Why I Took My (Dark Eldar) List -

I just want to keep messing around with a Coven based list. After 12 years of Cabals and Cults, it is time to give rise to the almighty Coven!

I absolutely love Grotesques. When they aren't locked in eternal combat with Dreadnoughts, they have always instilled fear in the hearts of my opponents, and that is reason enough to take them!

- Mission and Deployment -

- This is a 1500 point game on a 6x4 board.

- Annihilation. Dawn of War.

-Ultramarine rolls to go first. Marine decides to let the Dark Eldar go first.

- Dark Eldar deploys out a raider with 10 Wracks riding inside. Nothing is in Reserves.

- Ultramarine deploys out Telion and Scouts. Nothing is in Reserves.

- Scouts Scout closer to the Dark Eldar.

My opponent completely forgot that the Wracks could easily Assault the Scouts on turn one!

- Marine attempts to Steal the Initiative to make up for his deployment mistake, and fails. Dark Eldar take turn one.

- Dark Eldar Turn 1 -

Urien gives out 3 Pain Tokens. One for the Grotesques, and one for two Wrack Units. This picture is misleading as the Wrack unit on the left should have 3 Pain Tokens.

Two Wrack units move up against a Ruin.

Grotesques and Urien move up in a line with three Taloi following suit behind and around them, protecting their flanks.

One Wrack unit Disembarks from a Raider and Assaults the Scouts. The Scouts are wiped out without any effort, and the Wracks gain their third Pain Token (not shown in picture). (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 1, Ultramarines 0)

- Ultramarine Turn 1 -

Iron Clad arrives via Drop pod in the center of the board in an attempt to stall the Wracks in a nearby Raider, and possibly tie up the Grotesques the entire game.

Two Rhinos with Tactical Squads, Vanguard Veterans and Assault Terminators in a Landraider drive onto the battlefield.

The Iron Clad attempts to Melta and Flame a Raider, but manages only to score a Shaken result.

Assault Terminators jump out of the Landraider and fail an Assault to the Wracks in the ruin.

The Landraider fires its Lascannon at an empty Raider, but doesn't do anything to it due to a Flickerfield save.

- Dark Eldar Turn 2 -

Dark Eldar begins to do an outflank maneuver on the Marines by sending an empty Raider on the left, Wracks in the middle and a Wrack unit on the right.

Taloi and Grotesques move forward.

The Taloi fire their Haywire Blasters at the Iron Clad, Blowing an arm off the thing.

One Talos Assaults the Iron Clad much to the dismay of my opponent. He thought the Talos would be out of 12", but he was wrong! The Talos lays 6 attacks into the Iron Clad, blowing it up in a shower of metal and flesh.(Kill Points - Dark Eldar 2, Ultramarines 0)

The Wracks in the Ruin fire two Liquefier Guns into the Assault Terminators, and score an AP 1 and AP 2 hit, but most damage is deflected by their 3++ save, and only one Terminator melts into the Ruins. The Wracks then Assault the Terminators, but do no damage. A few Wracks die, but they hold due to being Fearless.

The Wrack-Raider on the right Stuns a Rhino with it's Dark Lance.

The Wracks in the middle Assault out of the Raider into the Vanguard Veterans. One Marine dies, but a slew of Wracks die, and then Fall Back!

This was the first time I have ever fought Vanguards. I didn't know they all have Power Weapons! Now I know how people must feel when they are Assaulted by Incubi for the first time! I didn't fire the Liquefier Guns because I wanted to kill them in close combat for movement purposes. Whoops! Egg on my face!

- Ultramarine Turn 2 -

A Tactical Squad gets battle hungry, and leaps out of the Stunned Rhino to Rapid Fire into the Raider, but only manages to score a single Shaken result against it!

After the fact, my opponent realized his blunder as he saw that the Tactical Marines were now outside and ready to get assaulted and flamed by Wracks in the right Raider!

The Landraider fires all guns into the Talos in the center of the field, and kills it. (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 2, Ultramarines 1)

The Vanguard Vets Assault the Wracks. I roll my Leadership and fail on an 9! I knew I should always take the friggin leader upgrade for these pieces of shit! (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 2, Ultramarines 2)

Marine player was stunned because he did not know about the rule to catch and kill fleeing units. He was very happy as no one else has ever told him about that before. Lucky fucking me, right? I should have kept my big mouth shut lol!

In combat the Assault Terminators kill off the Wracks and Consolidate a bit towards the Landraider. (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 2, Ultramarines 3)

- Dark Eldar Turn 3

The Wracks jump out of the right Raider before the Raider moves up the flank more.

The other Raiders move along the flank and to the backfield of the enemy. Darklance fire from the Raiders Shake a Rhino and Destroy the Landraider. The explosion from the Landraider manages to kill an unlucky Terminator nearby! (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 3, Ultramarines 3)

Taloi and Grotesques lumber forward.

The last unit of Wracks pours their Liquefier Guns into the Marines, killing 5 of them. The Wracks kill another 4 in Assault, but the Marine hold on a double1!

- Ultramarine Turn 3 -

The Assault Terminators hammer into the Shaken Raider in the backfield, and pen it twice, only to have the hits avoided by two Flickerfield Saves.

The empty Rhino moves along the right flank.

The Vanguard Veterans decide to help the lone marine and Assault the Wracks! Everything but a single Vanguard Veteran dies as the Wracks are cut down while trying to run away! (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 4, Ultramarines 4)

For whatever reason, the Marine player does not move his Rhino with the last Tactical Squad in it anywhere. I don't remember why.

- Dark Eldar Turn 4

Dark Eldar units move about. All shooting is ineffectual.

The Grotesques punch a Drop Pod to death! (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 5, Ultramarines 4)

- Ultramarine Turn 4 -

Ultramarine now is trying his best ot keep units alive until the end of the game.

Terminators move into Cover. Rhino with Tac Squad moves into the Backfield and pops Smoke. The lone Vangard Veteran and an empty Rhino move into the Ruins for cover.

- Dark Eldar Turn 5 -

Darklances from the two raiders wound the last Vanguard, but he makes his cover saves as he goes to ground!

Taloi move up, and only manages to Shake the Smoked Rhino with a shot from a Haywire Blaster.

Grotesques move into the Ruins. Only 2" away from a Rhino, the Grotesques roll double1's and fail their Assault! Whoops!!
- Ultramarine Turn 5 -

The Ultramarine player turtles like a cowering dog in the Ruins.

- Dark Eldar Turn 6 -

The Raiders fire into the Rhino with the Tactical Squad and Stuns it.

The Taloi Assault the Terminators and kill one Termiantor and the Chaplain. A Talos takes a wound. (Kill Points - Dark Eldar 6, Ultramarines 4)

Grotesques attempt to punch a Rhino to death, and fail due to needing 6's to hit. BACK TO THE FUCKING MEAT PITS WITH YOU GUYS!!

- Ultramarine Turn 5 -

Last ditch effort to get two Kill Points by the Ultramarine.

The Tactical Squad gets out of the Stunned Rhino and Rapid fire into a Raider. With two Glances from Bolters, the Raider makes both Flickerfield Saves...

One more Terminator dies in combat, but the last Terminator holds strong and deals another wound to a Talos.

The game ends.

- Battle Report Conclusion -

Dark Eldar - 6 Kill Points

Ultramarines - 4 Kill Points

Victor - Dark Eldar by 2 Kill Points

- Post Game Opinions -

Grotesques.... Along with Urien, this unit comes out to something like 580 points or some shit. They killed a Drop Pod. AWESOME!!! :) No but seriously, awesome KP denial unit. Also, they are my favorite unit in the Dark Eldar Codex by far. So much fun!

Not much to say here really... This was a very intense game, with mistakes being made all over the place!

It is funny, because before doing this report, I forgot who won. Even after doing the Vassal pictures I still didn't know who won as I thought it was a tie. It wasn't until like 5 minutes ago did I see that I won. I went over the report to make sure I didn't make any mistakes in counting Kill Points.

Kind of interesting doing weeks old Battlereports I guess, lol. This is surprising me as well!

Well, onto the next Battle Report... Lets see if I can knock this fucker out tonight.

Did the new arrow colors make things easier for you guys to follow the action? Is the report better with the new colors, or should I just stick with all green arrows? How about the blood being left after combat? Does the blood make the reports cluttered or more interesting?