Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh wow.....

Only in my second day of taking my little blue pill, I can already 'feel' a difference.

It is hard to explain, but let me give you an example....

Before - If I made a sandwich, I would probably leave the silverware in the sink, or leave crumbs on the counter.
Now - I have to impulsively make sure i put everything back in its place, clean everything, and make sure everything is neat.

Before - I would look at my blog and decide, eh, I'll update it another time.
Now - I look at my blog button and feel the need to update it for some reason.

Before - I would get my things ready and go to the store to hang out.
Now - I have spent about 30 minutes sidetracking myself, cleaning up my room, before I head out, including writing this blog entry.

I know the side tracking thing may just indicate another sign of ADHD, but I never clean my room, not on impulse like this.

I am also finding no difficulty painting my figures in my room now. The light still bothers me, but even when I say "I am done for now" in a few minutes I feel the 'pull' to keep painting until something is done or until I deem it right.

I know this is yet not another update with a battle report, and I apologize, but I can feel the want/need to do the reports soon. I mean, I am getting a flood of things I want to do that I normally wouldn't even think about or care.

So please, a bit more patience. I'll get my past due reports out soon. As soon as I can stop myself from painting, lol.