Friday, December 3, 2010

1500 Kabal/Cult/Coven versus Ultramarines

Here is another game between my friend Brian and his Ultramarines.

I use Vassal as an abstract tool to represent the battle. I use no measurements in Vassal, so one turn a unit may move 6", but only move 3" next turn, but in reality the unit moved 12" total in the 'real life' game. Just remember, this is abstract, so do not get caught up in the visuals, and just enjoy the match!

- 1500 Point Kabal/Wych/Coven Mix -

Heamonculus W/ Liquefier Gun
Heamonculus W/ Liquefier Gun
Heamonculus W/ Liquefier Gun
Heamonculus W/ Liquefier Gun
Heamonculus W/ Liquefier Gun
Heamonculus W/ Liquefier Gun

8 Bloodbrides W/ Haywire Grenades
Hekatrix W/ Agonizer, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

8 Bloodbrides W/ Haywire Grenades
Hekatrix W/ Agonizer, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

8 Bloodbrides W/ Haywire Grenades
Hekatrix W/ Agonizer, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

20 Kabalite Warriors W/ 2x Splinter Cannons
20 Kabalite Warriors W/ 2x Splinter Cannons

- 1500 Point Ultramarines -


Captain w/ Lightning Claws, Artificer Armor
5x Command Squad w/ 2x Lightning Claws, Champion, Flamer, Melta

Ironclad Dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer and Meltagun
Drop pod

10 Tactical Marines w/ Missile Launcher, Melta Gun

10 Tactical Marines w/ Missile Launcher, Melta Gun

5 Vanguard Vets w/ Jet Packs, 4x Power Weapons, Lightning Claws

Landspeeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer

Landspeeder Storm w/ Multi Melta

- Why I Took My (Dark Eldar) List -

This time around I just wanted to make a weird list with no real focus. There is a serious lack of Anti-Tank. I wanted to see how low anti tank would do against a Marine opponent.

- Pre Deployment Plan -

Just to rush forward with my Bloodbrides and Heamonculi while walking slowly with Splinter Weapon fire covering them from infantry.

- Mission and Deployment -

- This is a 1500 point game on a 6x4 board.

-Capture and Control. Pitched Battle.

-We put out the Markers on the board.

-Ultramarine rolls to go first and wins. He decides to go first.

- Combat Drug results in a +Attack.

- Ultramarine Deploys out his force. He deploys his Ironclad in Drop Pod and Shrike with his Vanguard Vets into Reserves.

He has a 10 Tactical in the upper left and a 5 Tactical in the upper right, both in Rhinos. His HQ unit in Rhino takes the middle. His dual Landspeeders take the middle as well, for rapid reinforcement or quick in and out strikes.

- Knowing he as a Ironclad in Reserves, and my units have next to no Anti-Tank, Dark Eldar Reserves everything out of fear of teh Ironclad. This will later prove to be a HUGE 'new player' mistake...

- Dark Eldar attempts to steal the initiative, and

- Post Deployment Plan -

Not much to plan really. Just wait to see what I have coming in and go for the gold!

- Dark Eldar Turn 1 -

I am Error.

- Ultramarine Turn 1 -

Not much going on here. Ultramarine scrambles around the board to take a strong flanking position on the side of the table with the most Objectives.

In the top right, the 5 Tactical Squad Immobilizes their Rhino trying to transverse the Hill!

- Dark Eldar Turn 2 -

A 20 Kabalite Warrior unit enters the Battlefield.

A single Raider with 8 Bloodbrides and 2 Haemonculi enter the Battlefield. The Raider lands on a hill, unloading the unit. The Bloodbrides and Heanoculi detach as the Bloodbrides want to take advantage of their Fleet. They toss a few Haywire Grenades at the Landspeeder, but miss. The two Haemonculi stay in the Raider, edging them on!

Yes, I forgot to fire the Raider at anything!

- Ultramarine Turn 2 -

Ultramarine units move around the Battlefield.

The HQ Rhino in the center charges forward and pops it's Smoke.

The Ironclad hugs the terrain as it creeps closer, guarding the middle Objective.

A Missile from the top right Rhino fires out of the Hatch and blows the Dark Lance off of the Raider.

The Landspeeder on the right fires it's Multi-Melta at the Raider, and blows it up. The two Heamonculi fall out unharmed.

- Dark Eldar Turn 3 -

Another 20 Kabalite Warrior unit makes it into the battle. The Dark Eldar forgets about Shrike completely, and deploys the Warriors in an anti-blast/flamer line against the table edge.

The other Warrior squad reforms into a defensive position.

The Bloodbrides and 2 Heamonculi join forces, and charge the HQ Rhino, missing everything!

- Ultramarine Turn 3 -

Shrike and Vets Outflank and get close to the Kabalite Warriors.

HQ Rhino Tank Shocks the Bloodbrides, running an unlucky woman as her Haywire Grenade fails to do any damage to the Tank.

The Landspeeders get into firing positions.

The Immobilized Rhino fails to repair itself the entire game... Just letting ya'll know that!

Landspeeder Storm flames and kills 2 Kabalite warriors, thanks to their anti-flamer formation.

The Ironclad lumbers out of cover and burns 4 Bloodbrides into thin air. The unit Holds. The Ironclad then charges the Bloodbrides, but fails to do anything to them, thanks to their 4++ save.

Shrike's unit charges the Kabalite Warriors, and kills 11 of them! The Kabalites Break and run back to their Web Way Portals!

- Dark Eldar Turn 4 -

The last two Bloodbride units make it onto the battlefield. Their Raiders zip towards the Ultramarine's back line to contest their Objectives.

Conceding that my Kabalite Warriors are dead next turn, I don't move them, and just fire unsuccessful Splinter Cannon fire at Shrike, doing nothing.

The Ironclad and Bloodbrides exchange blows, but nothing happens.

- Ultramarine Turn 4 -

The Ultramarine vehicles scramble to intercept the Raiders.

Shrike moves closer to their next yummy target!

Landspeeder's Multi-Melta and a Missile from the upper left Rhino hit the Raider, but it makes both it's cover saves.

The Ironclad puts an attack on a Heamonculus and Bloodbrides, and manages to kill a Bloodbride.

Shrike does what you think he does. Look at the picture for fucks sake... The last Kabalites run like hot, sexy Japanese School girls towards the nearest tentacle demon would, and run off the battlefield.

- Dark Eldar Turn 5 -

The Raiders lurch forward and the Bloodbrides and Heamonculi jump out. Both Raiders are contesting the Objectives.

The Raiders fire and fail to do anything with their Dark Lances.

In the upper left, the Bloodbrides manage to Stun the Rhino with their Haywire Grenades.

In the upper right, the Bloodbrides manage to Wreck the Rhino. Because of the location of the Bloodbrides, the Marines needed to do Emergency Disembarkation, killing all but 2 of the Tactical Marines! It is hard to tell by the picture, but trust me, there was no room.

Ironclad and Bloodbrides wiff again...

Can the Ultramarines make it to their Objectives in time?

- Ultramarine Turn 5 -

Shrike flies 12" and runs 6" towards the upper left Objective, as does the Landspeeder.

The two Tactical Marines in the upper right move through cover and run, making it next to the Objective.

The 10 tactical Marines need to Assault the Raider to get within 3" of the Objective. They Assault the Raider, making it within 3" of the Objective.

The Landspeeder fires at the Raider, but fails to do anything to it.

The HQ Rhino drives up to the Raider and the HQ Unit jumps out and Wrecks the Raider in a hail of Meta fire.

The Ironclad crushes a Heamonculi, but the Bloodbride unit Holds.

At the moment, the Ultramarine player is winning 1 Objective to none, thanks to the Raider becoming a flaming Wreck!

The Ultramarine player rolls the Game Ending die, and the game continues!

- Dark Eldar Turn 6 -

Without any Troop choices left, all the Dark Eldar can do is Tie.

There are some tough choices Dark Eldar has to make to get the Tie. Dark Eldar can keep the Raider in place to contest the Objective, but in doing so, the Bloodbrides are blocked from Assaulting without their full numbers. Also, Dark Eldar want to use the Liquefier Guns on the Marines before Assaulting them to soften them up, and the Raider is just getting in the way.

Dark Eldar decides to go for it all! The Raider moves 24" behind cover to attempt to stay alive another turn.

The Heamonculi in the upper right leave the Bloodbrides to get into better firing positions.

The Bloodbrides in the upper right roll double1's to go through cover!! Ouch, Dark Eldar plans are hurting now!!!

The Bloodbrides in the upper left make it into comfortable charging distance just fine.

And guess what? The Bloodbrides in the upper right only Run 1"!!! They are out of Charge range of the two Tactical Marines on the Objective! Thank Commorragh the Heamonculi left the unit!!

The Heamonculi in the upper right fire their Liquefier Guns. One Gun is Ap4, and kills a single Marine. The second Gun is Ap 3 and kills the second Tactical Marine!

It now comes down to the last Objective....

The Heamonculi fire their Liquefier Guns at the Tactical marines...

The Guns are Ap 2 and Ap 3.... All 10 Tactical Marines are melted into the concrete!

Without any Scoring units on the board, both players declare a Tie!!

- Battle Report Conclusion -

Dark Eldar - 0 Objectives

Ultramarines - 0 Objectives


- Post Game Opinions -

Liquefier Guns.... What can I say that I haven't already said in previous Battle Reports? These guns are so powerful it is a crime. MEQ will have to learn to fear Flamers for once :)

Bloodbrides.... I like these gals very much. New players to the Dark Eldar may not see anything good about them, but what they don't know is that the old Wyches used to cost the same with 1 less LD and 1 less attack! Bloodbrides are such a bargain for what they give you.

Of course, if you have Troop slots left over, there really isn't a reason not to take Wyches over Bloodbrides 99% of the time. The fact that Wyches can hold Objectives is WELL worth the 1 less attack :)

This game is an example of how NOT to let psychology get the better of you. I let a single unit scare me, and I Reserved everything. I should have just Deployed everything, and dealt with the Ironclad coming the hard way.

Just play your list, play your army, and play the opponent, but never let your mind pay trick on you.

Of course, I did not know I was going to Steal the Initiative, but hey, that's the game!