Friday, October 29, 2010

Dark Eldar versus Ultramarines - Game 4 of 45

Finally, you guys asked for it, and here it is, a match between my Dark Eldar and a Marine opponent. My opponent is my good friend Brian, and he is a very competent Marine player.

-Game Notes -

1) I use Vassal to represent games I have played at my local gaming store.

2) I use Vassal as an abstract tool to represent the battle. I use no measurements in Vassal, so one turn a unit may move 6", but only move 3" next turn, but in reality the unit moved 12" total in the 'real life' game. Just remember, this is abstract, so do not get caught up in the visuals, and just enjoy the match!

3) When a Vehicle is damaged, the number of 'explosions' on the vehicle indicates the roll on the Damage Chart. If you see 4 little explosions, that means either it was a straight 4 on the Damage Chart, or maybe a 3, but with a +1 for Open Topped or Melta.

4) As the Dark Eldar player, I cannot answer questions pertaining to what my opponent was thinking when doing certain actions. I will try my best to remember what my opponent verbally tells me, but other than that, I really do not know why my opponent does what he does.

- 1500 Point Heamonculi Coven -

Ancient Heamonculi w/ Venom Blade
Ancient Heamonculi w/ Venom Blade

Heamonculi w/ Venom Blade, Liquefier Gun
Heamonculi w/ Venom Blade, Liquefier Gun
Heamonculi w/ Venom Blade, Liquefier Gun

10 Grotesques w/ Liquefier Gun
Aberration w/ Flesh Gauntlet

9 Wracks w/ 1x Liquefier Guns
Raider w/ Flickerfield, Torment Grenade Launcher

9 Wracks w/ 1x Liquefier Guns
Raider w/ Flickerfield, Torment Grenade Launcher

9 Wracks w/ 1x Liquefier Guns
Raider w/ Flickerfield, Torment Grenade Launcher

Cronos Parasite Engine /w Spirit Bomb

Cronos Parasite Engine /w Spirit Bomb

- 1500 Point Ultramarines Force -

Company Commander w/ 2x Lightning Claws
5x Command Squad w/ Power Weapon, 2x Lightning Claws (on a single model), Apothecary

Ironclad Dreadnought w/ Drop Pod

10 Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher, Flamer

10 Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher, Flamer

10 Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher, Melta Gun

Land Speeder w/ Multi Melta

5 Scouts
Land Speeder Storm w/ Heavy Flamer

5 Devastators w/ 2x Missile Launchers, 2x Lascannon

5 Devastators w/ 4x Missile Launchers

- Why I Took My (Dark Eldar) List -

This list is a modified, fixed version, of the list I took in game 3 against the Orks. Nothing really too different, except for the weapons I gave some of my models.

- Mission and Deployment -

- Search and Destroy. Pitched Battle. Objectives were placed out around the Battlefield. As always, I put my Objectives out in the open, right where I want my opponent to be late game.

- Dark Eldar won the Deployment Roll, and chose to go first.

- Dark Eldar deploys entire force. Grotesques with 2 Ancient Heamonculi in the front. Two Cronos Parasite Engines behind them. Three Raiders with 9 Wracks and a Heamonculus each.

- Ultramarine deploys force. Landspeeder Storm in top right with Scouts. Landspeeder with Multi Melta in middle top left. Combat Squad Marines in top left into two units. Devastator Squads in top middle hill and top right ruins. Three Rhinos near ruins. HQ and Tactical Squad in rear Rhinos and Tactical Squad in the front Rhino.

Ultramarine attempts to steal the initiative, and fails. Dark Eldar takes first turn.

- The Plan -

Dark Eldar - Send one unit of Wracks to the top left to mess with the Devastator Squad on the Hill. Send rest of army to hold the three objectives in the right side of the Battlefield. The first order of business was to take down his Devastator Squads.

Ultramarine - Spread out, force Dark Eldar to split his forces. Use Drop Pod to bring in Ironclad to tie up the Grotesques. Counter assault with HQ and Tactical Squads.

- Dark Eldar Turn 1 -

Grotesques and Ancients move forward. Cronos Move forward. Raiders go Flat Out into assault positions for next turn.

- Ultramarine Turn 1 -

Drop Pod enters the Battlefield... and scatters directly in front of the Devastator Squad in the ruins, blocking their Line of Sight to most of the Battlefield! Ironclad Dreadnought shambles out of the Drop Pod, ready for battle.

Units shuffle around the board into various positions. Tactical Squad in the upper left starts to move to take Objectives later on. Rhinos move into assault positions for next turn. Two Rhinos pop Smoke.

The Ironclad's weaponry spring into life after decades of non-use.... and fails to hit the Raider directly in front of it! Even it's Heavy Flamer fails to do any damage.

The Devastator Squad in the ruins, with half of it's members blocked by the Drop Pod, fire two Missiles into a Raider next to them... A Glancing shot Shakes the Raider.

Land Speeder Storm's heavy Flamer fails to catch on the Raider due to the Raider's Flickerfield.

The other Land Speeder opens fire with it's molten hot Multi Melta on a nearby Raider... and Penetrates, but a roll of a 1 only becomes a 3, blowing the Raider's Dark Lance off.

Tactical Squad fires a Missile at the Raider missing it's Dark Lance... A Penetrating shot Stuns the Raider.

Devastator Squad on the hill attempts to fire its massive payload onto a Cronos Parasite Engine... 2 Wounds scored, but, both wounds avoided by Cover Saves given by the Grotesque!

- Dark Eldar Turn 2 -

The one mobile Raider skims over the Ruins in the top right, and opens fire on the Rhino in the rear which did not pop Smoke... A Penetrating shot Destroys the Rhino, sending 10 Tactical Marines to the ground. The Marines are not Pinned, nor do they take any casualties.

Wrack,s with their Heamonculi masters, leap out of the the other two Raiders.

The Wracks in the upper right pour double Liquefier acids on the Devastators, malting one into the ground. The Wracks in the upper left do the same to the 5 man Tactical Squad, but fails to wound any of them. The Wracks near the 10 Tactical Marines pour Liquefier toxins upon the Marines, melting 6 of them into the crater where the Rhino once stood. The 4 remaining Marines stand their ground.

All three Wrack Squads charge. One Wrack Squad double charges the Devastators and Land Speeder Storm. Another Wrack Squad Charges the 4 remaining Marines in the Rhino crater. The last Wrack Squad double charges the 5 Tactical Marines and the 5 Devastators on the hill.

The Wracks win all combats, all thanks to the Tormentor Grenade Launchers on the nearby raiders which impose a -1 LD to all enemy units within 6".

In the upper left, the Devastators hold, but the 3 Tactical Marines remaining break from combat and flee.

The Devastators in the upper right break as well, and flee for their lives. The Land Speeder Storm is Immobilized by the Furious Charges of the Wracks. The Wracks consolidate around the Land Speeder so it's 5 Scouts cannot Disembark from the Speeder.

The Wracks in the middle finish off the 4 Marines, and gain a Pain Token.

As for the 2 Cronos Parasite Engines and 10 Grotesques? They charge both Rhinos in the front, and fail to do anything to either one. Sometimes, 42 strength 6 attacks just can't hurt Armor Value 10, and neither can 6 monstrous creature attacks!

- Ultramarine Turn 2 -

5 Tactical Marines on the left move towards an Objective. One Rhino pivots so it is not in CC with the Cronos anymore. The other Rhino, still filled with 10 Tactical Marines, Tank Shocks past the Grotesques.

The Company Commander and his Command Squad leap out of the Rhino and sees the Wracks in front of them. They fire their pistols, Plasma Guns and Flamer, but fail to do any damage to the monsters.

Land Speeder fires it's Multi Melta... A Glancing shot that Stuns the Raider.

The Ironclad brings its weapon online again, and wounds a Grotesque with a Melta shot.

Unable to move, the Land Speeder Storm douses the immediate area with searing hot flame, but failing to do any damage to the Wracks, which shrug off the pain like it was child's play.

The Command Squad charges the Wracks, and kills 6 of the monsters. The Wracks manage to kill a single Marine. Being Fearless, the Wracks lose two more of their number, and hold.

The Ironclad charges into the Grotesques... The Ultramarine player smiles as he has just locked a 500+ unit in CC for the rest of the game, ensuring his Command Squad and 10 Tactical Marine Squad will be safe from the Grotesques bulging muscles of death. The Ironclad kills two Grotesques, and the Grotesques hold.

The Wracks in the upper left finish off the Devastators, and move closer to the Land Speeder near them after combat. +1 Pain Token.

- Dark Eldar Turn 3 -

Both Raider on the right of the Battlefield move in better firing positions for the Rhinos. They both fire their Dark Lances... a Penetrating shot Stuns the Rhino.

The Wracks surrounding the Immobilized Speeder fan out at the order by their Heamonculus master.

The Wracks in the upper left move closer to the Land Speeder. They open fire on the Speeder with their Liquefier Guns... a Glancing shot Shakes the Land Speeder.

The Wracks near the Immobilized Speeder also fire their Liquefier Guns, but to no avail. They then charge the Speeder. Unable to move, the Speeder is brought down, and it's crew of 5 Scouts are torn to shreds by the Wrack's Poisoned Weaponry and spouts of Liquefier Gun acids.

Both Cronos charge the Command Squad. A fierce battle ensures, but multiple Lightning Claws and Power Weapons not only bring down the remaining Wracks and Heamonculus, but put a couple of wounds on a Cronos.

For whatever reason, the Wracks in the upper left forget to assault the Land Speeder!

The Ironclad kills two more Grotesques, and subsequently, kills a third after combat. The Grotesques hold due to their Fearlessness.

- Ultramarine Turn 3 -

Not much goes on here. 5 Tactical Marines on the left move and attempt to flame the Wracks, but do no damage thanks to Feel No Pain.

Land Speeder moves a bit, but cannot fire this turn.

One empty Rhino starts to drive to the left of the Battlefield in hopes of contesting objectives on turn 5.

Ironclad Kills more Grotesques, and of course they hold due to being Fearless.

The Company Commander kills a Cronos, and the Cronos kill a Marine, but it takes a wound in turn by a Lightning Claw Marine.

- Dark Eldar Turn 4 -

Wracks on the left of the Battlefield move closer to the 5 tactical Marines, and glues them all to the grass with their 2 Liquefier Guns.

The Wracks on the right Embark onto a Raider.

The Raider on the left, without the ability to fire due to a lost Dark Lance, zips across the battlefield.

Both Raiders fire on the remaining two Rhinos. The Rhino holding the 10 Tactical Marines is Shaken while the other empty Rhino blows up in a fiery Wreck.

The Ironclad finishes off the last Grotesques, and after combat cuts down both Ancient Heamonculi. Sometimes being Fearless is not what it is cracked up to be!

The last Cronos and a Marine armed with Lightning Claws kill each other in a final embrace of death. The Company Commander now starts to make a B line to the left of the Battlefield.

- Ultramarine Turn 4 -

The Company Commander run across the Battlefield.

The Land Speeder moves back near an Objective, and fires on the lanceless Raider, but it's Flickerfield saves it from harm.

The Ironclad moves towards an Objective as well, and fires its Multi Melta on a Raider filled with Wracks, but it's Flickerfield saves it from a Penetrating shot as well.

Last, the Rhino filled with 10 Tactical Marines moves on an Objective, claiming it their own.

- Dark Eldar Turn 5 -

The lanceless Raider moves in front of an Objective to block it, while the Raider with Wracks in it flies across the Battlefield to the opposite side of the Objective, holding it.

The other empty Raider moves to contest the Objective held by the Rhino's Tactical Marines.

The Wracks move towards the Land Speeder.

A Dark Lance shot Stuns the Rhino on the Objective.

Wracks charge the Land Speeder, and turn it into a pile of scrap under the weight of their poisoned blades.

- Ultramarine Turn 5 -

The Company Commander runs across the Battlefield...

The Ironclad fires upon the lanceless raider with it's Melta Gun, but the Raider's 4+ Cover Save keeps it alive.

10 Tactical Marines exit their Stunned Rhino, and pour Bolter Fire and Melta Gun shots into the Raider. Only the Melta Gun has an effect on the Raider... but the Raider's Flickerfield harmlessly bounces the Melta shot into the air.

The Ironclad charges the Raider, but misses with all it's attacks. Needing 6's to hit is hard to do sometimes.

The Dark Eldar player rolls to see if the game ends... and the game ends.

- Conclusion -

Dark Eldar - 2 Objectives

Ultramarines - 0 Objectives

Victor - Dark Eldar

- Conclusion -

This is my reworked Heamonculi list, and I think it works pretty damned well. I do not think I need Ancient Heamonculi in this list, and I will be downgrading them to Heamonculi in later games.

My opponent played well. We both did not expect the Wracks to do as well as they did.

- Unit and Item Opinions -

Liquefier Guns. Once again, these monsters just melted their targets into the ground shot after shot. Remember, when you fire a Liquefier Gun, 50% of the time it will ignore the armor of a MEQ model, so when you have two of them, or even three if you are able to do that, MEQ just dies... A lot. I loved these in the old Dark Eldar book, and I love them in the new one. Best Flamers in the game. Thank goodness they can be taken outside Heamonculi now.

MEQ players, for the first time in a long time, now will the same fear of flamers as other armies. More so actually, since MEQ armies come in smaller numbers, the Liquefier Gun can cover a 10 man unit and kill half of it quite easily. Oh yeah, Liquefier Guns can take care of 2+ Save models as well.

All hail the unsung, under the radar, unseen and over looked "Power" of the new Dark Eldar codex; anti-MEQ flamers on 10 point models.

Grotesques. Yet another game where I was not able to see their full potential. Getting tied up by any walker with an armor of 12 really does put a damper on things. The fear this unit gave my opponent was worth it, though. He made sure not to assault me out of his Rhinos until this unit was dealt with in some fashion.

Now that I think about it, last game against the Orks, the Grotesques did a wonderful job. If it weren't for the wound allocation rules, the Nobs would have been dead. Don't get me wrong, I like wound allocation. I am just saying that Grotesques are what Ogryns wish to be; useful and deadly.

Wracks. Unlike my last game against the Orks, this time I remembered to give my Wracks +1 Attack and reroll to wounds on the charge. The results speak for themselves. Wracks are just nasty. Spouting out Liquefier juice before assaulting is king. These guys are the Flamer Assault unit other armies wish to have. Also, when I had 26 attacks on the charge, with wound rerolls, MEQ just fell by the wayside.

I am tempted to make a full army of these bastards. 6 Troop slots filled with these guys. They are cheap as well! My Wrack units, with raiders and upgrades, came up to only 170 points. You can squeeze 6 of these units in a 1500 point list, and still have room left over for Ravagers if you wanted to do it...

That gives me an idea for an up and coming army list... -wink-

Heamonculi. Just give them Venom Blades, and let them go to town. Sure they die fast in close combat, but who cares! They gave their Pain Token to the Wracks/Grotesques, so let them die.

For my tastes, Ancient Heamonculi are not worth for how I use them. I know they can be powerful, but for my army list play styles, they are just a waste of points at the moment.

Raiders. I don't know what tools keep on thinking Raiders are dead to use. I don't know what crack they are smoking. Flickerfields continue to make Raiders tiny tanks flying around the Battlefield. Whatever, lol. I love Raiders, and I will continue to field them en mass in my armies.

I will give the new and improved (yeah right) Web Way portals a few games though. Maybe they'll surprise me.

Cronos Parasite Engine. Second game with them, and I am not liking them. Their Strength 5 is pretty crappy when in CC. Each game they are stuck in combat, I pine for a Talos and it's Strength 7 attacks. I am going to shelve the Cronos Parasite Engine for now. All my units start the game with 2 or 3 pain tokens, and I fail to see the point of taking these in my lists.

Coming up next... Ultramarines versus Cirque de Commorragh!