Monday, February 14, 2011

Da mOrkanOrk's Geerage Mob - Finished Deff Dread Pics

I will be posting updates of both finished and work in progress models for my 1500/2500 point double Big Mek Deff Skullz list.

Here are my two main Troop choices for my growing Ork army;

Gortrak Muk Ra, Da Dawg Crusha
(Deff Dread, Troop Choice)

Gortrak Muk Ra has earned the title "Da Dawg Crusha" from his very first battle since being encased into a Deff Dred. Against the Dawg Beakies, Gortrak, along side a mob of Boyz, fought an old, strong Beakie by the name of Logan Griminar. This Grimnar guy fought like he was one of the boyz himself, but being nothing more than just a special 'ummie, he fell under the mighty power of Gortrak's crushing buzzsaw grabbas. His Grot Rigger is Chip.

Ol' Sweaty Gur Prakka, da Immoblz
(Deff Dread, Troop Choice)

Ol' Sweaty is an old Ork, barely able to walk by himself anymore. He was put into a Deff Dread because a useless Ork is a dead Ork, and Ol' Sweaty will fight untill the day he dies. Fighting along side Gortrak, Ol' Sweaty was immobilized by a Dawg Beakie's Melta thingy. After the Ork victory, the surviving Orks laughed and threw rocks at Ol' Sweaty because he couldn't move the entire battle, hence the title given to him, "Da Immoblz". Ol' Sweaty's Grot Rigger, Chunk, fixed the broken servos in the left leg, allowing Ol' Sweaty to step on and crush three Orks that were taunting him seconds earlier. The surviving Orks from THIS battle ran away as fast as they could!