Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dark Eldar versus Orks - Game 1 of 45

Here is the first game, out of 45, I will be playing with the new Dark Eldar.

- Kabal of the Budding Lotus -

Archon w/ Huskblade, Drug Dispenser, Shadowfield, Soul Trap

5 Incubi
1 Klavex w/ Demiklaives
Raider w/ Aether Sails, Torment Launchers, Ram

19 Kabalite Warriors w/ 2 Splinter Cannons
1 Syberite

19 Kabalite Warriors w/ 2 Splinter Cannons
1 Syberite

5 Kabalite Warriors w/ Blaster
Raider w/ Ram

5 Kabalite Warriors w/ Blaster
Raider w/ Ram

5 Kabalite Warriors w/ Blaster
Raider w/ Ram

Ravager w/ Night Shield, Flicker Field

Ravager w/ Night Shield, Flicker Field

Ravager w/ Night Shield, Flicker Field

- Ork Force -

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Big Mek

10 Nobs w/ 3 Power Klaws, 3 Big Choppas
Mad Dok
Trukk w/ Red Paint

20 Boyz w/ 'Eavy Armor, Slugga and Choppa
Nob w/ Power Klaw

3 Deff Koptas w/ 3 Buzzsaws and 3 Rokkits

5 Storm Boyz
Nob w/ Power Klaw

3 Killa Kanz w/ 3 Grotzookas

- Why I took my list -

I wanted to try to emulate my old lists from the previous Dark Eldar codex with as much Dark Lance spam as possible to see if it could be done. Yes, it can be done, but my Ravagers went from 3 Disintegrators each to 3 Dark Lances to keep my Dark Lance numbers up.

I wanted to see how effective the new Blaster range would be from Raider platforms.

I took Splinter Cannons so my foot troops could stay mobile while firing, as well as seeing how the new poison rules would work for me.

I did not know who my opponent would be when making this list. I made this list at home and brought it to my local store, The Wizard's Wall. I came across a relatively new player with Orks.

-Mission and Deployment -

Annihilation and Dawn of War. I (Dark Eldar) won the deployment roll, and I decided to go first.

-Deployment -

Archon gains Feel No Pain from his Combat Drugs.

Dark Eldar deployed two Kabalite Warrior units at the 24" Deployment line.

Ork deployed one 'Ard Boy unit, one Nob unit and Ghazgul. Ork places Storm Boyz in Reserve for Deep Striking.

Ork attempted to Steal the Initiative, and failed.

-Dark Eldar Turn 1 -

Dark Eldar moves 3 Ravagers, 3 Raiders w/ Warriors and 1 Raider w/HQ and Incubi onto the battlefield. The HQ Raider is the Raider with the small green based model on it.

Kabalite Warrior units move forward.

NOTE - The Kabalite unit on the far right is actually blocked by a cliff in front of them, represented by the trees. They cannot draw line of sight in front of them, and they failed to move up the cliff face during their movement.

Even with re-rolling night fight, shooting is ineffective.

- Ork Turn 1 -

Ork moves Bigmek onto the battlefield behind his Nob unit, and does not join the Nob unit. Ork moves Trukk, Killa Kans,and Deff Koptas onto the battlefield. 'Ard Boyz move forward into the forest.

Deff Koptas fire at the raider holding the Archon and Incubi, and Destroy it. Archon and Incubi disembark to the left, are not pinned, and take no wounds.

- Dark Eldar Turn 2 -

All Dark Eldar units move forward, except for the Kabalite Warrior unit on the right, which cannot seem to get up the cliff!

Dark Lance fire from the the Ravagers and Raider, along with a Blaster shot or two, manages to destroy the Trukk (which the Ork player was trying to get his Nob unit in next turn!) and Wreck and Destroy two Killa Kans.

Mass Splinter Rifle and Splinter Cannon fire from a Warrior unit tear through the Deff Koptas, killing them all.

- Ork Turn 2 -

Storm Boyz arrive behind Dark Eldar's Ravager and do not scatter.

All Ork units move forward.

Shooting is ineffective.

Orks call WAAAGGH!!

Nob unit lunges forward and engages the Incubi unit. 'Ard Boyz charge and engage Kabalite Warrior unit in the forest.

Archon kills two Nobs with Huskblade, and Incubi kill 2 Nobs thanks to the Demiklaive. Nob Power Klaws, with Ghaz's Power Klaw, destroy the entire Incubi Unit. Archon fails his Shadowfield save and dies.

'Ard Boyz kill 14 Kabalite Warriors. Warriors in turn kill two Orks. Warriors roll double 1's and hold! This is NOT what I the Dark Eldar player wanted at all! Now the Orks would be safe from a turn of shooting... :(

- Dark Eldar Turn 3 -

At this point, I could have easily just moved all my Raiders and Ravagers back and just fired on his remaining forces for the rest of teh game in relative safety. I decided against this for two reasons. First, I knew I had the game won already, so I didn't care about actually winning, but rather making an interesting battle report for you guys. Second, my opponent was a new player, and I refuse to table new players, or make non winnable situations for new players.

So, I decided to make a wagon wheel around the Nob squad with my Raiders and Ravagers and see where the game would go from there. Of course, I knew exactly what would happen, and I am sure it would make my opponent very happy :)

Ravager fires on, and immobilizes, the last Kill Kan.

Kabalite Warriors fire on, and wipe out, the Storm Boyz.

Dark Lance fire from all my vehicles, along with Splinter Weapon fire from inside the Raiders, kill the lone Big Mek and three Nobs from the Nob unit.

In assault, the few remaining Warriors and 'Ard Boyz fight to a stand still. Why? Pain Token on the Warriors gives them Feel No Pain, which saves my butt. This is the ONLY instance of me remembering my Pain Tokens.... After this, I forget about this rule for the rest of the game.

- Ork Turn 3 -

Killa Kan fires on, and Immobilizes, a Raider that moved last turn.

In assault, Nob squad destroys two Raiders, including the Immobilized Raider. Warriors pour out of the Raiders. One lone Kabalite Warrior becomes pinned as he flies out of his Raider.

'Ard Boyz mop up the rest of the Kabalite Warriors in combat.

- Dark Eldar Turn 4 -

Two Ravagers move about.

Dark Lance, Blaster, and Splinter Weapon fire kills the rest of the Nob unit, leaving Ghazgul alive.

Splinter Weapon fire kills 7 'Ard Boyz, but they hold and do not break.

- Ork Turn 4 -

Ghazgul assaults the 5 Warriors, and destroys them. Ghazgul consolidates into the Raider Wreck.

'Ard Boyz assault, and break, the 20 Warriors. 'Ard Boyz consolidate.

This is where I forgot about the Warrior's Pain Token, and didn't use their Feel No Pain. Oh well!

- Dark Eldar Turn 5 -

Being within 6" of the 'Ard Boy unit, my warriors fall back.

The lone Warrior runs into cover, getting away from Ghazgul.

Mass fire from my Ravagers and Raiders deal Ghazgul 3 wounds, and Destroy the last Killa Kan.

At this point, we just decided to end the game. I was too far under on Kill Points to come back, and I didn't feel like chasing 9 'Ard Boyz through a Forest for possibly 3 turns, trying to squeeze out a wipe out victory against my opponent. That is just bad sportsmanship. Now if my opponent was a veteran player, then I would have attempted to wipe him off the board.

- Conclusion -

Dark Eldar - 6 Kill Points

Orks - 8 Kill Points

Victor - !!!Orks!!!

-Post Game Thoughts -

As I mentioned in the battle report, I did not play to win after I realized I could have won early on the game. There was no point. After I destroyed my opponent's only Trukk, there was no way he was going to be able to catch me. Making the game fun for my opponent and my Blog readers was my only goal.

After this game, it felt GREAT being able to fire into hordes with Poisoned Weaponry, and actually be able to do damage.

At this point, I would gladly give up my old Disintegrators for all these poison weaponry!

The ability to finally deal with horde, with our STOCK weapons no less, is just amazing.

Warriors in Raiders is just amazing. With Poison, and the new 18" Blasters, Raiders finally feel like how they should have 12 years ago, flying gun boats!

I am not a fan of the Huskblade so far. Yeah, I instant killed 2 Nobs, but that Strength 3 bothers me a lot.

I forgot about my Pain Tokens the entire game, except for one turn of close combat. I have to get used to these things!


  1. Been checking your blog for this for ages! really worth the wait :) cant wait for the next one. How many points did you play?

  2. I'm looking forward to the next one, and you've made me glad that I also removed the disintegrators from my Ravager.

    Nice Kabal name btw. Not exactly deadly, but nice none the less.

  3. I am glad you guys liked it.

    All my games are 1500 points.