Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to normality...

Wow, I am glad last week is finally over.... I spent the entire week making terrain, and gluing my Dark Eldar together, for the Apocalypse games at The Wizard's Wall.

The games were as follows...

1) Ultramarines versus Chaos Marines and Deamons. Ultramarines won the day by saving hostages and stopping the Bloodthirster Bloodbath!

2) Tyranids versus Space Wolves. Space Wolves successfully defended their Headquarters from the invading Tyranid forces.

3) Dark Eldar versus Blood Angels. Dark Eldar were able to capture and/or kill all 5 Headquarters of the Blood Angels in a successful slave raid for Commorragh. Three Talos tore apart The Sanguinator in an epic finale.

4) Eldar versus Orks. Aided by a Titan, the Eldar tried their hardest to locate a special meteorite fragment which fell onto the planet from a much larger meteor, but ultimately failed. The Orks defended their outpost fortress and discovered the correct meteorite fragment, which was under their Skullhammer Super Tank the entire battle!

All in all, the forces of 'Good' won two battles while the forces of 'Evil' won two battles.

Now, I am getting back to magnetizing all my Dark Eldar, and getting back to work on my Battle Reports!

I'll get pictures up of the Apoc Games as soon as the photographer gives me the photos.