Friday, November 5, 2010

Dark Eldar is finally here!!

I went to my local gaming store, The Wizard's Wall, and bought the following;

60 Kabalite Warriors
40 Wyches
18 Reavers
4 Raiders
10 Incubi
Dark Eldar Codex

I immediately went to Office Depot, and for 6 bucks I got my new codex Spiral Bound with the front and rear covers laminated.

I could have bought this stuff online at a discounted price, but when I can, I support my local friendly gaming store! You all should do the same, keep this hobby healthy when possible.

So much painting to do.... Especially with my 20 converted Wracks, 6 Razor Wings, 10 Kymarae, and 4 Clawed Fiends.

So happy!!!