Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fucking Magnets... How do they work??

I ordered special sized rare earth magnets a few days ago, and they arrived today.

I received 200 .063" magnets for infantry weapon options and 150 .125" magnets for vehicle weapon options.

The majority of my infantry will have magnetized arms so I can swap out special weapons on the fly.

For my Vehicles, everything is being magnetized. The spikes, the sails, the weapons, the gang plank, everything! This is so I can transport them easier, and more importantly, when I lose a weapon during the game, I can just remove it, or when a vehicle is wrecked, I take it apart and leave the pieces all over the battle field!

I had done with with my previous DE, and it worked out like a charm.

- edit -

I realized I never posted the LInks for the site where I buy my magnets..


First two magnets in that second link are what I buy. First magnet for infantry sized models, second magnet for vehicle weapons, etc....

Autobots, Roll out!!!!!