Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ADHD - a serious chat

Anyone else here ever been diagnosed with some form of ADD/ADHD?

I won't go into a long winded discussion about my life, but I am 31 and I am fed up with my complete and utter lack of care for anything around me. Any project I start I cannot finish. Any person I know, be it family or friend, I honestly couldn't care less if they died (I say it is just the natural order of life that people die, but for fucks sake, that doesn't mean I shouldn't care, right?).

I have made an appointment to see a Doctor next week on Thursday to diagnose me with ADHD, and perhaps prescribe medicine to help out my condition.

It has taken me over a year to pick up the phone and call JUST to make the appointment!

I was talking to a college class adviser, and this subject came up, and it inspired me to call and get on medication to turn my life around. I go on a low/no carb diet from time to time so I can lose 20 pounds in three weeks, so I know that small chemical changes in your body can turn you into a different person. I just hope that medication will be as benificial to me as it is to people I have talked to.

Have any of you ever been diagnosed and taken medication? Has your life changed? What was different before and after the medication?

I am amazed I did soo many games for this project, but, I just cannot bear to do the battle reports. When it comes down to it, I just don't care. I really hope that medication can help me because this shit is seriously impacting my life big time.