Monday, December 13, 2010

Skaven Picture

Wow, I got contacted to do some art, out of the blue, for a magazine I did art for a long time ago.

The Skavenblightgazette is about Skaven.

It is a wonderful website for all you Skaven lovers out there to go check out. Their magazine, which comes out a few times a year, is just awesome, and one of the best Fanzines I have ever seen.

This is a shitty piece I did for them a few days ago for a Blood Bowl character they created.

I haven't drawn anything in about a year. I normally don't get the chance to draw anything, but it would be nice to get back into practice of doing so. I can never find my own style. Been trying for over a decade. Maybe one of these days I will.

Anyway, I am working on two battle reports at the moment, so I'll have them up soon.