Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Dark Eldar

I tried in the past to keep this blog open, but I never found reasons to post anything. I don't have a Facebook, I don't Twitter... none of that...

With the new Dark Eldar Codex on the horizon, I have found a reason to blog!

Play 45 games with the new Dark Eldar with as much variation as possible.

- I will be focusing on making 'themed' lists, and playing 15 games for each Theme.
- I will report on my experiences for each game, comparing the 'old' Dark Eldar play style to the 'new' Dark Eldar play style.
- I will take special care to note any changes on strategies and tactics for new Dark Eldar Archons who are joining the ranks of Commorragh for the first time!

My themed lists, all 1500 point, are as follows;

Kabal - Led by Archons and filled with Warrior Ranks. The 'basic' army build for Dark Eldar

Wych Cult
- Led by Succubi (maybe even an Archon as an Archite) with Wyches and other Cults.

Heamoculi Coven - Led by the Heamonculi, ordering their ranks of Grotesques and Wracks around the battlefield

At the moment I have no plans on buying tons of Hellions, so I will not be doing a Hellion army for now. If I did, they would fall under a Wych Cult anyway, because I say so, lol.

Specific Army Lists will be made on the spot before my games, so I won't be posting any on here initially. I MIGHT be posting Battle Reports. These will be in Picture/Text format, with only factual information presented, if I choose to post them.

If anyone has any ideas as to what you want to see me test, let me hear it!

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